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Tony - Thornhill, ON


“Working  with LB Construction has been an easy and stress-free experience. I  have used them for both residential and commercial projects, and each  time the job has met or surpassed my expectations. I would, and have  referred them to many of my friends and business colleagues” 

Sara - North York

 LB Construction & Design turned my dream kitchen from a vision into a reality. They
helped me design and select all my finishes, and made economical suggestions
helping me save. It was nice working with people who actually cared and
weren't just trying to build up the prices needlessly! Will definitely use
them again! 

Sara -North York

Chris - Burlington


I moved to a new home and needed to have kitchen remodeling, wall  units installed and a few other small projects completed quickly. LB  Construction was a referral and a great choice. The price was fair, the  work done on time, on budget/quote, the quality was great and the  clean-up was awesome. If you need their service I believe they are super  honest and do quality work 

Chelsea - East York


I  have had the pleasure of hiring Harry and his team several times over  the last few years. From renovating my entire office space to redoing my  back deck LB construction has been amazing. Their attention to detail  and constant professionalism have been a constant. Budgets have been  accurate, timelines realistic and accomplished. I must also add very  clean! In the near future they will be adding an addition to my home  which will encompass a new bedroom and an entirely new kitchen. I'm very

excited! I highly recommend this team. They will not disappoint

Janet - Toronto


Basement Renovation 

If you're looking for an excellent and reliable contractor, I'd  recommend Harry and the team at LB. Here's why.   I contracted Harry to renovate my basement in Mar 2018. This would have  been a 6 week project. When the basement floors were ripped up, the team  found dirt underneath. We had to pour concrete. When the ceiling was  taken down, we found no sound insulation. We added this in. During the  project, the roof in the house next door (which we also owned) had two  holes in it, and water entered the house on a rainy day. Harry helped  patch the hole. His words were "Don't worry. I'll take care of it."  Harry's team re-shingled the whole roof since it was in dire need of  repair. He noticed that the roof on the first house also needed repair.  He took care of that too. He completed all of this in 8 weeks, and at  very reasonable prices.   He doesn't cut corners, and he gives good advise on what needs to be  done to do it right. He's excellent and reliable. I highly, highly  recommend Harry and LB.  

Michelle - Toronto


I hired LB Construction to renovate three levels of my house that were  overdue for renovations. The work done was dry walling, installing  hardwood-floors, bathrooms were completed gutted and re-done, painting  of walls and ceilings, ceiling pop-corn removal, installation of kitchen  cabinets (and appliances) which was done flawlessly. What I appreciated  the most was that during the process the details were not ignored and  discussed thoroughly. We decided on colours and matching woodwork design  for stairs and railings and the overall look of the final work.
Considering  the massive amount of work this required, I was extremely happy with  the time frame and the budget that the project was finished within; I  have nothing but praise for this company". 

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